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How To Petition the UW Bioengineering Department

Currently, I am petitioning to have two of my CSE classes this quarter, Neurobotics and Computational Biology, count towards Bioengineering Senior Elective credit. If successful, and assuming that I finish my capstone this quarter, I will be done with my Bioengineering degree and I will not have to take any additional Bioengineering courses. That sounds like a mighty fine goal to me, so I put a little bit of heart and soul into the petition I prepared:

Petition Document Screenshot

While I don’t know if this will actually work, I did get this response from the academic advisor:

This is very good! I think you just set a new bar for petitions with the color-keyed flow chart! Thanks. –KJN

We’ll see how it goes.

UPDATE: Success! See comment below.

2 Responses to “How To Petition the UW Bioengineering Department”

  1. Stickman Says:

    You’d be surprised how little effort people put into things. By putting your back into things a bit, you can really stand out. Nice job!

  2. Ryan Says:

    Dear Ryan:
    Your petitions to count SCE 427 Computational Biology and CSE 599J WIN 08
    Neurobotics as Bioengineering senior electives have been approved. I will
    enter these into the University’s database within the coming week. Please
    keep a copy of this message for your records.

    Kelli Jayn Nichols

    Lead Academic Counselor
    Department of Bioengineering

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