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In Atlanta

Today, we met at Sea-Tac at Nine, got everyone checked in around Ten, made it though security by 11:00, and arrived in Atlanta around 7:15. We all made it to the Hotel by using the MARTA, which was extremely easy. Most of the kids went to McDonalds to eat, the “Adults” (except for Bobby and I) went to other, more expensive, better food places. I figure there will be plenty of time for expensive food tomorrow (er, later today if you’re in Atlanta) when we are traveling the city.

So far, Atlanta has impressed me. The people are generally nice, the panhandlers are gentle, and the hotel, though getting old, is well maintained and clean. And getting free internet from the much nicer hotel a half mile away through the window is nice too. Thank goodness for high power WLAN cards and directional antennas.

Tomorrow we tour the city, the center of commerce in the south. Then the competition begins. With 295 teams, the pits are a ten minute walk away from the playing fields. It will be intense, and I still have to finish my scouting program.

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