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In Seattle

Great-game delayed one day, but here I am, half a mile from campus for the night. I no longer feat 8:30 am classes! w00t. All of the housemates seem pretty chill.

While I have all of the neccesities, there are still a few things I want to get done:

  • Get the landlord to kick the neighbor out of the parking spot I intend to use, which is on this house’s property.
  • Purchase and install a room door lock
  • Transport the bike(s) here (I don’t know if I’ll bring the road bike just yet)
  • Possibly bring Kaleidoscope (my desktop) here. (A guy upstairs has the same speakers as me!)
  • Establish a good routine
  • Sign the lease

I think thats about it… but I’m sure something else will come up as well.

2 Responses to “In Seattle”

  1. dc Says:

    congrats on finally finding a place :D Sounds like you’re off to a good start.

  2. Adam Hays Says:


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