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In the Wake of Katrina

The Hurricane known as Katrina exposed the weaknesses of a city below sea level as well as the weaknesses of a society largely free of a moral compass. Just as the flooding, though horrific, was inevitable, without morality, a good society without a good economy seems to be an impossibility. I recall clearly a night at BYU in the basement of Deseret Towers’ W Hall having to stare down those who would have wantonly stolen from a distressed vending machine until the repairman arrived. In New Orleans, it is worse, with gangs looting everything from basic supplies to flat-screen TVs. The destruction is agonizing even if inevitable, and the desolation of civilization is distressing, though perhaps it should have been expected. With government assistance already fueling so much dependency, should anyone really expect a response other than “when is the help coming?”

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  1. nordsieck Says:

    Events like this are one of the primary reasons for me to stock up on guns and ammo as well as the usual food, water, flashlights, etc.

    I wonder what the police response time is over there now.

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