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Inspired By Bernie

Well, Bernie’s at it again. He’s done gone and inspired me to upgrade my site. I can’t imagine it was even intentional. Anyway, I think the new category heatmap page is especially cool, as are the newfangled permalinks (although the old ones still work!). I had tried to get this sort of permalink with WP 1.2 several times before, but it always broke my feeds. That doedn’t seem to be a problem with WP 1.5. Additionally, I moved my burgeoning archives to their own page, freeing up room in the sidebar for a recent comments section. This recent comments section is actually where I started this whole update process, after making this comment at Bernzilla. FYI, I made my first WordPress plugin to get the recent comments the way I wanted them — its called “Bernzilla Comments.” I hope you don’t mind, Bernie. Inspiring!

One Response to “Inspired By Bernie”

  1. Bernie Zimmermann Says:

    I’m flattered, Ryan. The changes look great!

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