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Longer Days

Well, its been a few days. Eventful days.

Tuesday night, I didn’t go to sleep. I stayed up all night working at perfecting my C coding skills, which I now consider perfected. Or at least I have become one with pointers to pointers, which I guess isn’t quite the same thing.

Wednesday I faded in and out of consciousness then went to sleep gloriously early, at 8:00pm. I slept 13 hours and was almost on time to my first class on Thursday.

Friday I worked and then helped Dan set up a wireless network at the Joint Practice field before eating at Northlake Pizza.

Saturday, was working on a CSE group project all day (more tomorrow too), then celebrating Courtney’s 23rd 22nd Birthday at Wild Ginger. I still owe her a gift.

Finally, I want to get rid of the Ford Escort, but I haven’t yet found the time. If I know you and you want it, you can have it. It doesn’t look good and it no longer runs good. But, it might not be completely worthless, especially to someone who has time and knowledge. Otherwise I will look into donating it or junk yarding it. I am also interested in other solutions anyone out there might have, but I am not interested in solutions that involve me spending time on it, such as parting it out.

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