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NTFS Undelete

A little program that does exactly what it says, does it perfectly, and does it with a remarkably well-designed user interface.

One Response to “NTFS Undelete”

  1. Daniel Marsh Says:

    There are actually better NTFS recovery utilities out there, but most cost serious $. I own a few in conjunction with my business. If you would like a recommendation list or need some help on a problem, you got my number. I think one of the most important steps forward for computers is to create completely reversible file systems, whose modification history can be “surfed” backwards and forwards in time. Lets face it, the average computer user isn’t even going to fill up a small corner of the average capacity hard drive. I would say 80-90% of my user base uses between 10 and 20 GB. The average hard drive shipped today in a new computer is in the 250-500 GB range. Lets put those unused GB to use! Aside from the historical “reversibility” which would allow one to undo malware, viruses and the occasional “oops, I really didn’t mean to do that,” I would love to see that extra space be used to improve reliability and seek times by writing data to multiple locations on the same platter and across platters. This would greatly minimize read times, albeit at the expense of write times. However, with big enough write caches and some improved logic, one could write the data to the platter once and then write the other data at leisure. This scheme wouldn’t offer the same protection as a raid array, but it would provide better protection against bad sectors.

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