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I’ll be the first to admit that reading about the plots to blow up planes over the Atlantic made me both sick and a bit angry. On the other hand, the vast overreaction is also hugely disappointing. To prove my point, I am considering attempting to get onto the plane, with the materials neccesary to make myself a bottle of water.

Now I must wonder if the government reads my blog. In case they do, I’ll give them a head start. I’ll be flying from Cleveland to Seattle on Sunday, August 27, 2006. My current plan is to wear some sort of non-obvious belt or pack full of water. The hard part, I susepct, willbe to get the empty water-bottle-like recepticle onto the plane. I’m thinking some sort of collapsable cup, or perhaps a cup-like thing filled with something common and non-obvious. A jar of paperclips, perhaps? I’ll probably refine this idea as I get closer.

So just imaging the look of horror on some passenger’s face as I pour water from a belt pack into a cup that I magically produce, and then pull out some jumble of wires and resistors…

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  1. dc Says:

    the TSA is a broken organization as it stands, but trust me on this one… don’t mess with them – unless you are an authorized courier and can produce a memo from the OSD…

    It’s more trouble than it is worth – I agree that the overreaction is ridiculous, but the anger here should be focused elsewhere.

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