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I think the name of that doomed city might be a good name for my Philosophy teacher. It rings of pomposity, and this is a man who likes to hear himself speak. Add on top of this that its a day class that has thrown a monkey wrench in my schedule, and its unfortunate that I may have to take this class to get my associate’s degree from BCC. And since I won’t know about my transfer credits for two months (got to love the efficiency of the system) I either have to dealy a quarter, or hedge my bets and just take this class. Still, I have yet to see a bookstore like short enough to justify standing in, so I am without the required text. Doesn’t seem to be too much of a problem, because, truly, this guy doesn’t stop talking except to wait to tell you how your comments are simply the mistakes of a beginning philosophy student. I guess not everything can be math and science, but you’d expect that a Philosophy of Science instructor might know enough about science to know that Coulomb’s law has nothing to do with magnetism. Well, at least he was aware of the name of the law, and was in the right ballpark. I guess I should count my blessings. Still, it feels like its gonna be a long quarter.

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