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Powerless Steering

Monday morning, while cruising down Newport Way on my way to school, I heard a soft but distinct click from my truck’s engine. “What was that?” I wondered to myself. At the next turn, it quickly became aparent that all was not well with the truck — the power steering was gone. Finding nothing else in particular t be wrong, I continued on to school, partook a full days worth of classes, and then returned to the Eastside, all while yanking my steering wheel around like a madman trying to make turns that used to be easy. Before returning up the mountain, I stopped at the Eastgate Chevron to take a gander under the hood. My dad had earlier suggested that belt ight be the issue, and a quick peak revealed that he was right. The belt driving the power steering mechanism had been nearly severed and several large chunks were missing. I decided to meander across the way to the Schucks Auto Supply, where the friendly staff helped me find the right belt. I then powered my way up the mountain, where my dad was kind enough to help me replace the broken belt. Parking the truck afterwards was nearly effortless — I think power steering is a modern marvel most of us take for granted.

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  1. Ben McElroy Says:

    Whoah! That sounds adventuresome! Cool thing that it was easily fixable and nothing too dangerous. I hope you are saving up for your car! ;-)

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