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Progress on oasis

Currently using Mozilla Powercat and Mozilla Waterjackalope.

Seen on oasis earlier today:

oasis plan # who
ryan pts/0 Feb 15 21:46 (
root pts/1 Feb 15 21:58 (
bob pts/2 Feb 16 00:09 (
ryan pts/3 Feb 16 00:53 (

Its symmetry is so beautiful I could almost cry.

Progress on oasis is going very well. Today, I finished up the install procedures, and then Bob and I got normal user accounts set up and starting making tweaks to our shell environments while we began emerging the programs that will make oasis the most capable and robot server yet. It is considerably slower than the testing I was doing on Kleinoscope, but that�s what you get when you use a processor with less than one quarter of the clock speed. Nevertheless, oasis has RAM and to spare � 640 mb to be exact � and should be an excellent server machine. I am even experimenting with file system backups � I may yet be a legitimate sys-admin.

That comprised most of today, along with some reading and whatnot. Tomorrow is robotics; we�ll be test driving the robot in the closest thing we�ve encountered to the real field to date.

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