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Retard Roommates

Ryan: I hate retard roommates
Joe: what’re they up to?
Ryan: ok, I grab some milk
Ryan: and its not cold. I’m like, wtf mate
Joe: uhh
Ryan: so I go back to the fridge. Someone has it turned all the way down. its been that way for at least a couple of hours, judging by the temperature of my milk (not warm, but not cold)
Joe: why…
Ryan: and I think I figured it out. The roommate thinks “1” is coldest
Ryan: when clearly, “9” is the coldest
Ryan: there’s no other reason for it to be there, as he just put his own stuff in there
Joe: umm…
Ryan: anyway, I know that if I were to bring it up, the roommate who is to blame would get defensive, so its really not worth it
Ryan: so its back to normal, but omg retard roommates
Joe: wow
Joe: good job him?
Ryan: and my milk fscking isn’t cold
Ryan: I’m pissed off
Ryan: I only like cold milk
Joe: well.
Joe: yea
Joe: who like semilukewarm milk?
Joe: that’s nasty
Joe: hot milk is ok
Ryan: yeah, just above that temperature where its not quite cold
Ryan: so, its above above cold
Ryan: not even just above cold
Joe: yeah
Ryan: meh
Ryan: anyway
Ryan: how’s your fridge?

5 Responses to “Retard Roommates”

  1. Stickman Says:

    Yeah. I can’t help but notice you don’t use proper capitalization and punctuation when you’re typing.


  2. Ryan Says:

    Certainly not in IMs. You should have seen the number of spelling mistakes I fixed before posting it as well.

  3. dc Says:

    Unfortunate :\ Semi-cold milk for the lose — good thing it didn’t sour.

  4. Jim Says:

    Put sign in fridge:
    1 — not very cold
    5 — pretty cold
    9 — cold as it gets

  5. Bernie Zimmermann Says:

    Sounds like you need a fridge that goes to 11.

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