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Road Trip – Day 7

And more…

Day 7 (Sunday, December 07, 2003)

Today we sleep in a bit, didn’t get on the road until about 9:25.

11:30 am — 128 miles: After stopping for another refueling, Scott takes over driving. We turn North on I-49 and are now paralleling the Louisiana-Texas border until we get to I-20 and head towards Dallas. We are out of the Swamplands, so no more crazy, high-cost freeway systems, and things are beginning to dry out. By the time we get to Texas it seems no humidity will be left. I’m not sure if I should look forward to the higher temperatures or not.

2:29 pm — 338 miles: We get onto I-20 West towards Dallas. The sky is blue, the sun is brilliant and warms us. Scott is pissed off at the slow speed limits in “construction zones” with no workers. We haven’t had lunch yet.

2:39 pm — 350 miles: We cross the Louisiana-Texas Border and stop at a rest stop for lunch.

We are getting a little lax on the log, or I am (Scott), my bad.

We got into the Arlington area around 6:15 pm and settled in with our host, Daniel and Susie McElroy who were very gracious and hospitable. We ate some pizza with Daniel and Susie and figured out some sites to see in Dallas. Ryan and I were very impressed with downtown Dallas. We stopped to take some pictures of the City Hall, a very architecturally intriguing building. We also went to Thank-Giving Square in the heart of downtown Dallas. Ryan and I were both impressed with the colorful skyline.

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