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Ryan Goes Clubbing

Yup… it was Courtney’s birthday, so after dinner at Wild Ginger in downtown Seattle, and a brief hiatus for the girls to sleep and for me to design a robot with Dan, I headed back to Courtney’s where I met up with Nick (Courtney’s boyfriend), Ann (whom I’ve mentioned before), and of course Courtney. After wandering around Seattle for a while, we ended up at Belltown Billiards, where there were indeed billiards, though we never got closer than about 25 feet from the tables. Instead, my three companions got some alcohol and I got a cranberry juice (courtesy of Courtney — what a babe). After sipping and chatting (aka yelling in each other’s ears) for a while, we decided to hit the dance floor. I’m not a big fan of dancing usually, but I decided I wouldn’t let that stop me from having a good time. Sure enough I ended up enjoying it even if I never took my eye off of sportscenter for more than a few minutes at a time (which time was mostly spent making funny faces at Courtney or checking out the other girls there). Not that I’m itching to go again right away, but it certainly wasn’t a wasted $5 cover either.

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  1. dc Says:

    Ah Belltown Billiards… they have that interesting industrial-esque looking entrance aye? I was there just last month holding a bottle of water in the men’s while patting my buddy on the back – he was having an intense discussion with the local toilet.

    Then the bouncers came and kicked us (like a party of 15) out of a bar – Apparently if you start puking, you’re gone. Never knew that~

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