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Today, the official transcripts from BYU finally arrived in the mail. I put them in an envelope with the transcripts from BCC and drove to the UW to drop them off personally. Even though its almost two weeks after the deadline, the office accepted them with no problem � apparently the deadline, as with many other admission guidelines, is flexible. Of course, I suspected this, since last time I applied to the UW during my senior year in high school, I didn�t get everything in technically on time, and I was still accepted. Now it�s just the waiting game to see if they�ll let me in a second time. I think my chances are good, but then I�m ridiculously self-confident.

For a random diversion, check out this way to cook a salmon.

In photography, we did sepia toning. The redeveloper has a pretty terrible sulfurous smell to it. Glad we only had to deal with it for one day. We also did show and tell of our self-portraits. I chose the solarized shoes and the sprinkled-on developer prints because they were the most interesting, even if they weren�t necessarily the best technically. He didn�t have much negative to say about the prints, which I hope is a good sign for the grade on this� That�s one thing that annoys me about art classes – there is so much subjectivity. Maybe that�s what attracts others. It takes all sorts, I suppose.

Registration for Spring quarter at BCC starts March 2, and now I have to start thinking about what I�m going to take.

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