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Second Time is Not a Charm

This time, Google said no. :-(

5 Responses to “Second Time is Not a Charm”

  1. Aunt LoLo Says:

    Aww…sad! There’s always Amazon. :-p

  2. Ryan Says:

    Second time applying at the UW was also not a charm.

  3. Daniel Marsh Says:

    Sorry to hear that you didn’t get the gig. I told you that you should have gotten your foot in the door while you could. Now, with the down economy and a lot of the larger companies laying off workers and flooding the market with experienced talent, it is going to be harder than ever for someone to get in on the ground floor. I was in a similar situation right after the original .com bubble.

  4. Ryan Says:

    Nah, I think that the Master’s degree and the additional education I am getting will be worth it in the long run. I still have good opportunities; I simply won’t start my career at Google.

  5. Shai Says:

    Perhaps you shouldn’t have told them about the tin of caramel corn… There are always other chances, you’ll find something.

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