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Shake Hands with the Devil

I kicked my 8-movie SIFF run off on Wednesday with “Shake Hands with the Devil,” a documentary about the return of Canadian Leuitenant General Romeo Dallaire, commander of the UN forces in Rwanda in 1994, to the land that was ravaged by genocide as he watched helpless, undermanned, underfunded, and ignored by the whole world. It was an excellent compliment to the also excellent Hotel Rwanda, also recommended.

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  1. Ben McElroy Says:

    Rwanda was the worst case (at least in recent history) of civilization failing. It speaks volumes about the world leadership at that time. However, as always, even in the depths of utter darkness and horror, there were a few bright spots as individuals lived up to their full potential and did what they could. Anyway, I wish I could enjoy SIFF… please keep me posted. BTW, Primer still rocks even at the 4th time viewing and is still startling me with the depth of questions it asks about time, causality, and the repercussions of choices made and unmade.

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