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Silverfir Down? No! Silverfir Up!

In case you happened to be trying to access sometime over the last couple of hours and experienced connectivity issues, the reason for this is that I kept unplugging its network cable. “But why?” you might ask.

And I would boldly answer you, “Because now its connection to the router isn’t wireless as it was for many months; its not even via a Category 5 cabelstrung between the windows of the house, as it was last week. Now it is connected via genuine cable certifiably exceeding the Category 6 standard. Installing the cable took up most of the day (its hard to stuff 4 wires down 3/4” conduit). Kudos to my dad for spearheading the project and showing me the tricks of the trade.

And although the project isn’t entirely complete yet, I should soon have a gigabit connection into my brother’s Apple G4. Then there will be no stopping iMovie and Final Cut Express from tearing through footage like nobody’s business on my RAID array. Among other things.

I have three cat6 cables down to the router area, and one to my brother’s room for the gigabit hookup. Now, there should never be a lost packet too or from SilverFir again. Whatup!

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