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For the first time since getting the cable modem installed, my IP address changed. The result was an extremely unreachable host.
With me in Portland with the Titan Robotics Club for the FIRST Robotics Competition, figuring out what exactly the problem was, then fixing it, was not a trvial task. Fortunately for me and for anyone else using, my wonderful mother was local to the server and after restarting the server to no avail, she was able to confirm that it was indeed the IP address that had changed. A quick trip over to and I had the DNS switched over (changes go active worldwide in under 5 minutes!), but then there seemed to be a few latent problems. Apache didn’t start properly, leading me to expect that the server was still down. But then later, when I impulsively checked my email, and found that my mail server was working just find, I thought, “Wait a moment now…” An SSH session proved fruitful as well, and a quick reboot saw back to full potential in under a minute. Just Lovely.

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