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Skiing @ Stevens

Today I awoke at the rude hour of 6:30 AM to head north to Steven’s Pass with Kunlun and his Boeing friend Alex. Last night, I visited the parents to pick up my skis and ended up staying for a good chat as well, but that lasted until about 12:30. By the time I got home and ready for bed, I only had about five hours of sleep ahead of me.

Kunlun picked me up his his shiny new yellow Mazda3 (News flash: Courtney just got a shiny new purple Mazda3!), and we headed to Mill Creek to pick up Alex on the way to the Pass. Alex had some sort of discount that got me $12 off the $52 price tag (yeouch!), so that worked out well for me. We his the slopes about 9:30 in the AMs.

It is Kunlun’s second season snowboarding, but only Alex’s first, so Kunlun and I spent a lot of time waiting around until Alex bit it kind of hard and decided to rest off the cobwebs while Kunlun and I went to the backside of the Mountain to get ourselves a real workout. I managed to not fall once, which was good because I managed to forget my jacket — my outer layer was my newfangled Titan Robotics Club sweatshirt, which got a few lift operators excited with the thought of Battle Bots. My lack of fallage also means that either I’m really good at skiing or that I’m not pushing myself hard enough. I’ll let you decide.

After skiing, we deposited a sore Alex back in Mill Creek before going to my parent’s for a scrumptious dinner. Now I am back at my place digesting as fast as I can in anticipation of a 10:30 run with Christine.

I figured that this was the last weekend I could spend having fun before school really gets going. Dinners with friends Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, some Frisbee, Poker, and Skiing thrown in, and not a bad sprinkling of homework, I think I did alright.

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