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Snow Lake June 2007

Another rainy day means, of course, that I went on another hike. Just two days after hiking Mount Defiance, and just hours after returning from a DotA LAN Party, I headed to Alpental with Danielle and Josh from Frisbee and Danielle’s roommate Maiko. From there we headed up from the Snow Lake Trailhead. The hike was pretty low-key compared to Thursday’s outing, but it was still a lot of fun, and it looks like this is a crew that will be up for a lot of hikes this summer, so that is pretty exciting for me.

We left the U-district a little after 9, starting hiking around 10:30, peaked around noon, and then post-holed our way back down to source lake and then back to the car for an easy 3:30 return to the U-district. Pictures for both hikes are up.

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