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So Close!

The valiant Huskies lost 20-26, a noble effort against the #3 (yeah right) team in the nation, USC. They came seconds away from winning — and I believed right down to the strange, anticlimatic ending that they were going to do it. Isiah Stanback has earned my confidence as a quarterback. Just a stupid way to end — I think it was really Willingham’s fault (I think they would have been ready otherwise), but with what he’s done to the program otherwise, I find it easy to forgive him.

Oh, and I have tickets to the last three home games. I may be a proud husky yet!

2 Responses to “So Close!”

  1. Bernie Zimmermann Says:

    I’m jealous you’ve got tickets. I agree with you that the Trojans aren’t worthy of their #2/#3 status, but this was an impressive showing by the dawgs nonetheless. After seeing how close the stupid Cougars got to beating them last week, I was kind of expecting an upset. It’s a shame all of that bizarreness went down at the very end. It kinda reminded me of the Seahawks’ handling of the clock at the end of the Super Bowl.

    Oh, and coach TW gained a lot of respect in my eyes, not by almost beating the Trojans, but by kicking that onside kick at the start of the 2nd half. That reminded me of the Huskies of old.

  2. Ryan Says:

    Wasn’t that the greatest way to start the second half? If only they had capitalized and scored a touchdown, I think the whole second half would have gone differently. Too many if only’s though, and you are left without a win.

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