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Sunshine is a movie.

Sunshine is an Epic Sci-Fi Thriller.

I spent a while coming up with that genre.

4.5/5 — A

Bourne Ultimatum

I went to see The Bourne Ultimatum at Lincoln Square with Amy tonight. It was good to see Amy doing well, and it was also a pretty good movie. It felt longer than it really was — they did a good job of packing a lot of material, and a lot of action, into the film. I’m give it a 3.5/5, only because there was nothing extraordinary about the movie — just a well-done action flick.

Movies and Such

Early this morning before sleep, I watched Fight Club. I thought the twist was better than the one in The Usual Suspects, and it was overall more interesting as well. I give it a 4.5/5 (A).

Before that, I caught the Simpsons with Jon and Joe & Company before heading to Applebee’s for happy hour appetizers. It was as advertised, a slightly longer, slightly more involved episode that might as well have been on TV during some special. Still, some laughs, but most of then were given away in the previews. I guess I’d give it a 2.5/5 or a C.

That brings me to today, where after a good ultimate game, we headed to Jamba Juice and then the Apple Store, where we started playing with some iPhones. Somehow, after figuring out that the iPhones were active, the four of us there got the idea to put our numbers into the phones under the name of “Steve Jobs.” We then left the store, waiting for someone else to start looking at the targeted phone, and called. It was much too hilarious to watch as a man and his wife were surprised to see that they were getting a call from Steve Jobs. When the man answered, I identified myself as Steve Jobs and asked if this was the Seattle Apple Store. He seemed surprised, but answered in the affirmative. I then asked if he could get an Apple employee on the line. He paused again, but then said, “Yes” and proceeded to look around the store for the nearest employee. At this point, I was laughing too hard to remain inconspicuous, so I had to hang up and walk away from the store. But oh my, was it fun.

All this was followed by an afternoon chilling with Dan on Alki beach and a dinner which got canceled (tear), but it was a pretty good day overall.

The Usual Suspects

After no work, a Biomedical Research Integrity lecture, Networks, and a stint at Harborview to convert EEG data, I ended up at home and in need of an activity to put off actually using the EEG data for a useful purpose.

Enter Maria, who was also looking for something to do. She came over and after a nice chat we decided to hit up Scarecrow’s 2-for-1 Wednesday special. With the help of IMDB, we picked out the Usual Suspects and Fight Club, both of which we had never seen all the way through.

The movie for tonight was The Usual Suspects. It was fun, entertaining, and well-done, but not quite as completely good as I might have hoped. But then a 4/5 ain’t bad.

Syriana Stairs

Wednesday, I woke up late, so I went to class and then work instead of the normal order. I left work around 8:30, watched some Law and Order with dinner while lifting weights, and then I went for a run — about 3.8 miles according to The “run “involved a little too much walking for my taste, but it also involved two sets of Montlake Stairs.

When I got back, Mario had just returned with some stuff from the lab, so I offered to take him down there to clear the rest of the stuff out of what has essentially been his primary living space, with the house here used only intermittently for showers, cooking, and laundry. He had the movie Syriana with him, so we ended up watching that starting about 1:00am. No wonder why I have trouble waking up. Anyway, the movie was pretty good at weaving together a lot of interesting threads into some powerful and dark messages. Too bad they didn’t show the explosion, though. 4/5.

Shopping list:
Sweat bands
Leatherman Micra


On Wednesday I went to see Transformers with Courtney and Dan after finishing up some Human Subjects Training for my Capstone lab group as well as some CSE 461 Networks homework. I missed Shai in my text message advertising the event. Sorry. Anyway, we went to see it at Lincoln Square. The movie could have been pretty good, but instead it was pretty lame. It still had me hoping for about 2/3rds that it might end up pretty good, but it just didn’t fulfill. Still, it wasn’t terrible, I guess. And the company was good. 2/5.


I just got back from Lincoln Square where I ended up watching Ratatouille with Dan. And, simply put, Pixar has done it again. Another masterpiece in their growing collection of fine offerings, I’m pretty sure that this was the funniest movie I’ve seen in a while and it left me happy and fulfilled to boot. Highly recommended!

Ratatouille Movie Poster