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Congratulations Ryan Edward McElroy, your request to graduate with a MASTER OF SCIENCE (COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING) has been reviewed by the Graduate School and is approved.

Official transcripts with the posted degree will be available approximately four weeks after the end of the quarter in which you graduate. When requesting transcripts, make certain you request that the transcripts be sent after the degree has been posted.

A diploma will be mailed to the address of your choice approximately 3-4 months after the end of the quarter in which you graduate. You may select the preferred mailing address for your diploma in MyUW at under “Change of Address”. If you have not received your diploma after 4 months, contact Graduation and Academic Records.

Best wishes in your future endeavors,

The Graduate School

Grade Predictions, Spring 2009

CSE P 548: 4.0
CSE 551: 3.6
Various seminars: Credit

Last Full Weekend as a College Student

Friday, Jon and I played basketball at Greenlake, I got a call from Christine, and Jon and I headed to Kerry Park with Spencer, Christine, and Erik, where I took some pictures (to be posted later).

Saturday, I drove to frisbee with Bobby, Spencer, and Theo. We played until about 1:00, then went to Portage Bay for Brunch. That afternoon, Vince and I got together to work on a final paper for the class we’re taking together. We finished up at 4:00 am.

Sunday, I woke up around 11:30 — missing the CSE canoe trip — but I was double booked with a bike ride anyway, and Theo was flexible, so we rode 35 miles to my parent’s house. I can’t climb hills with Theo’s bike — I have no idea how he goes anywhere on that thing, honestly. He handled Cougar Mountain with relative ease on my bike, though. I clearly need to work on my climbing.

Tomorrow is my last day of class. Wednesday is my last day of school-related duties. Friday is my graduation party (contact me for details). Saturday I graduate. Sunday I leave for Peru.

I Guess I Should Have Driven to School

Dear Ryan McElroy,

Thank you for completing your payment using District Court Ticket Payment. Your transaction reference number is 3513368445.

The following items were paid for on 6/1/2009 3:48:19 PM:

Product Id Description
I046721UW Case numb

The total amount of the purchase including a $5.75 convenience fee was $108.75.

Please print this email and keep it as a receipt for your records. If you have any questions regarding your transaction, please contact a King County representative. Please do not respond to this email.


King County Ecommerce

The End Is Nigh

On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 10:25 AM, wrote:

Dear Ryan Edward McElroy,

Your department recommended approval of your Spring, 2009 request to receive a MASTER OF SCIENCE (COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING) and this recommendation has been sent to the Graduate School. Any departmental comments are noted below. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this recommendation, please contact your department’s Graduate Program Assistant (staff member) or Graduate Program Coordinator (faculty advisor).

Spring 2009 Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
11:30 CSE 451 (TA) CSE 451 (TA) CSE 451 (TA)
12:30 CSE 590 G
CSE 203
CSE 451 (TA)
Section AA
1:30 CSE 551 CSE 590 S
EEB 025
CSE 451 (TA)
Section AB
CSE 551
3:30 CSE 590 P
EEB 042
6:30 CSE 548

Winter 2009 Grades

Course Course Title Credits Grade Grade
CSE M 584 COMPUTER SECURITY 4.0 3.7 14.80
CSE P 505 PROG LANGUAGES 4.0 3.8 15.20
ECON 485 ECONOMIC GAME THRY 5.0 3.7 18.50
Graded Credits
Grade Points
Grade Point
Total Credits
13.0 48.50 3.73 14.0