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Computer Naming Conundrums

Ever since I had my own computers, they have had names. The original, a Pentium Pro 180 in a full tower, was named oasis, after one of my favorite bands at the time, and also I liked the idea of a desert oasis. My next computer was an Athlon 600; it became the new oasis and the old oasis became wadi, an Arabic word for a normally dry stream (ie, the opposite of an oasis). I owe that name to my brother. Wadi became the first server behind; it was the computer that was hacked due to a vulnerability in the Linux kernel and another vulnerability in some photo album software I was using at the time. was then replaced by sf2 (“silverfir #2), a 500-MHz Pentium III.

About that same time, I inherited my Dad’s very old IBM Thinkpad, equipped with a Pentium 90 and 16 megabytes of RAM. The computer had only a small screen (12”), but it was heavy and black, so it became named blackbrick. With Bobby’s help, that computer became my introduction to Linux, wireless networking, war driving, and mobile computing in general. It was no surprise then that the next computer to come my way was a laptop that I purchased in 2003 during Fry’s grand opening sale. It was an HP with a AMD Athlon 2400+. I planned on having that computer last a long time, and it was my first modern mobile computer, so I named it mobius, after the Mobius strip — I thought that the name evoked the mobile nature of the computer as well as the eternal nature of the Mobius strip.

Then came an unexpected bump — in early January, 2004, I won another laptop, a Compaq desktop replacement with a Pentium 4 2.8 GHz processor. It was heavy, but I couldn’t justify passing up the faster processor speed, so it became my new primary computer and I ended up giving mobius to my mom. The new laptop earned itself the name of kleinoscope, evoking the idea of the Klein bottle, a three-dimmensional analogue of the mobius strip.

Oasis, in the mean time, lasted me through my first stint at college and a good ways in to 2004. However, in anticipation of the imminent release of Half Life 2, I purchased a new desktop machine. Its colorful case, along with the name of my most recent laptop, led to the obvious naming choice of kaleidoscope. Oasis was then recommissioned in place of sf2 as the primary server. Today, oasis remains’s mail server. Dan’s monstrosity Frankenputen, meanwhile, has taken over web and file serving duties.

Kleinoscope and I had been through a lot in three-and-a-half years, and the laptop finally died somewhat spectacularly not too long ago. It was time for me to get a new laptop. Enter the brand-spanking-new Dell D630. However, no name that seems appropriate has come to mind for this computer yet. Right now, it is named a rather terrible TBD and I don’t intend to let it stay that way for much longer. But I need help. Please leave your suggestions!

A New Theme

Ben McElroy, of has given me the opportunity to try out his new WordPress theme, Hibachi2. Check out the link in the upper-left to switch over (or, if you have already switched, the link will probably be on the lower right). Or, if you’re reading this from an RSS reader of some sort, you’ll have to actually show up “in person” to see what in the world I’m talking about.

As time goes by, I will try to move some of my other features into the new theme — the picture bar, for example.

Deliverator Delivered

Dan just updated the look of this site, The Deliverator-Wannabee. And it looks really nice, especially compared (cough) to the previous theme. Go take a look.

While you’re there, enjoy the copious amounts of useful technical information, reviews, and more.

Tweaking Out

I made some optimizing and security changes to the Apache config files. Let me know if I broke anything.

Categorized, A Look Back

I just finished categorizing the several hundred posts that I recently imported from GreyMatter. About half way through, I stopped editing the posts for numerous question marks that had replaced em dashed and apostrophes. Maybe some day I’ll get on my horse and fix that stuff too, but don’t count on it. For the foreseeable future, I’ll keep the original Greymatter posts around too.

Going through this process has given me a lot of insight as well. Certainly, my blogging style has changed significantly from the early days. I still post a lot about my life, but generally my posts are much less rambling, and much more focused on the title. On the other hand, I have kept the same website address for quite some time now, which is better than a lot of people do. Also, this website has grown into a veritable cornicopia of information about my life and my recent history. I remember things because of this blog that I certainly would have forgotten. I see a lot of how I used to be, and realize that I have changed, much but not all for the better. I reflect on past struggles and triumphs, and I feel good about who I am and what I’ve done, even while recognizing that I still have a lot of room to become a better person, and I certainly haven’t even scratched the surface of what I want to accomplish. All in due time.

Greymatter Import

I finaly (after-several-years-finally) imorted my Greymatter Blog archives into WordPress. It probably would have been a lot easier had I done it at the beginning, but I wasn’t very advanced then. This time, it took a little bit of php hacking, but the import itself was relatively painless and quite quick. I’ve just spent the last few hours cleaning up and categorizing the November and December entries (including the entire Roadtrip series!).

I have a few more months to go (I think I had Greymatter for 8 months), but I’ll get around to fixing up the rest of the months as well. Its just tedious, and I feel the need for a shower.

Router Trouble

My venerable WRT54G (version 1) began giving me all sorts of trouble last night. Accordingly, it has been hard reset and firmware upgraded several times since then. If I screwed anything up, chances are there are services missing that you are used to having. But I think Web, FTP, SSH for both boxes, and Mail are all up. Did I miss anything?