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Kernel Panics

Three recent kernel panics on sf2, the server behind most of, had me concerned. I googled the problem, found that it was linked to Kernel version 2.6.10, which I was running, and so it became clear the an upgrade to Kernel 2.6.11 was in order. Being the master that I sometimes am, I performed the upgrade nearly flawlessly, and sf2 is now running with the new kernel. Let me know if you notice anything weird. Assuming that no problems are seen, I will make the new kernel permanent (and probably delete the old 2.6 kernel as well).

Record-Breaking May

The web statistics for continue to astound me. May was a record-breaking month in nearly every category. Total transfer approached five and a half gigabytes, more than a gigabyte and a half more than in any previous month. Average hits surpassed 5,000 a day for the first time ever, fueled primarily by explosive readership growth of the Well of Mirmir, a newer blog that is already accounting for an astounding one fifth of all traffic on the server.

June, from the looks of it, is going to be even hotter: so far, less than two days in, its averages already well exceed those of May. On an interesting side note, just minutes ago, sf2 had become very slow and unresponsive. MySQL, especially, seemed to be having problems. A reboot seems to have cleared things up just fine. We shall see how things hold up in the future.


I finally broke down and learned how to get rotating logs and web statistics working. For ease of use, I recommend cronolog and webalyzer. AWStats provided more information, but it is not fun to set up, so I put it aside for me. Webalyzer just works, and outputs the info in a nice form. Well, getting to the point, I was quite surprised by the results of the analysis. Since mid-October, 2004, sf2 has served well over 23 gigabytes of content. Thats averaging around three gigabytes a month. Thats hardcore. And thats just web content. sf2 is also a heavily used mail server, and sports a few other less-used daemons as well. In the same time, the sites powered by sf2 have seen almost 100,000 visitors viewing more than 270,000 pages, with more than 500,000 files requested, for a grand total of 760,513 hits. has been up since sometime around March, 2003. So, I imagine that in reality, the various forms that has taken have surpassed one million hits. Not too shabby for a web site that looks like this.

Checksum Arcanius Turns 300

That last post was number 300. Sure, there are a few holes along the way, from incomplete and/or deleted posts, but its just like Firefox turning 50, where I am sure there were some repeat downloads in there (heck, I am responsible for a few repeats myself).

I celebrated the occasion by turning power off to sf2, the server responsible for, off twice without warning. Actually, that had more to do with a 15-amp circuit breaker, lots of power supplies in my room, and a strange same-circuit connection to a certain socket in the laundry-room-turned-kitchen-during-remodel, where the Microwave sent the whole kit and kaboodle over the edge.

Nevertheless, its back up and seems to be healthy, and is now connected to a UPS that I picked up from Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. Long story. Regardless, it power loss should be less common now.

Checksum Arcanius worth B$2,630.67?

Well, during my conniptions with Google, I discovered an interesting website – Blogshares. It appears to be an online trading site for shares in blogs. I’m not sure why someone would go to the trouble… but whatever. Unto each their own. Apparently, Checksum Arcanius is worth a whopping B$2,630.67!

Strange Google Droppings

Google seems to have deemed Checksum Arcanius unworthy. As a result, this site is no longer #1 in a search for “Arcanius” (as mentioned earlier). That alone was not too disconcerting to me (although I was not particularly happy either). What did begin to concern me, however, was when I googled for Titan Robotics, as I sometimes do, and Arcanius was nowhere to be found on the first page. Just a month ago, I remember my site being second in that list. Now, a fellow’er, The Deliverator, has taken up that spot. And I have nothing against The Deliverator (heck I like him, and read his blog, and hang out with him fairly often), but why did I lose the spot? What is going on here?

My search for an answer led me to this interesting article on slate. Ok, it’s silly (and scary) to even think about regulating Google. People who have suggested need to go and choke on a slurpie or something. Seriously, government is not a solution. It is a problem that can, when used in extreme moderation, solve a few worse problems. But moving right along, the article, while interesting, didn’t really answer my question. Clearly, Google has judged this site unworthy. But why? That is the rub.

No Longer #1

Earlier Today (er, yesterday) I discovered that a google search for “Arcanius” no longer yeilds my site as the top result. This is distressing and confusing, especially since this site tells me my pagerank is higher than the other site.

It must be that durned rel=nofollow attribute. Or something. Anyways, link to me to help restore me to my proper place. Or whatever.