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Sea Change

A lot can change in one day at work.

Three Weekends

This weekend: Family Reunion, Independence Day, Fireworks

Next weekend: Seattle to Portland bike ride

Third weekend: Seafair triathlon

In the meantime: Biking to work, swimming in a wetsuit, running around Greenlake

Hello from Amazon

More than a million things to learn. Exciting and overwhelming!

Amazonian Dreams

Tomorrow is my first day at and my first day at a new job in over four years. As always with a new job, there is a bit of trepidation, but there is also a good bit of excitement about the new opportunities and challenges that I’ll encounter.

Orientation starts at 10:00am.


Saturday Morning: CSE Departmental Graduation. Lots of CSE friends in attendance. I won an unexpected “Undergraduate Service Award” for volunteering a lot for CSE events. Jacob Nelson won a well-deserved Bob Bandes TA award for his excellent work as a TA in CSE 467 — the 3D video card class. The presenter read one of my quotes during the presentation of the award. Christine talked to me during the reception afterwards (she was attending for/with someone else) and my mom broke her shoe, so I had to fix it. Thats the way things go sometimes.

Saturday Afternoon: UW Graduation. Quincy Jones spoke, I thought it was mostly good with a few odd places, but overall a good speech. Listening to all of the Ph.D.’s names was painfully long, but it was nice and sunny (I have the burn to prove it) and I was seated with friends so life was good. We finally got to walk and received nice diploma holders with (of course) fake diplomas in them. The ceremony lasted a little over 4.5 hours; we began queuing an hour before that. So it was a long day already.

Saturday evening: Graduation party. Lots of friends and family showed up. We had great food and I had a great time.

Now I have one week off before I start up at for a summer internship!

Two Weeks Notice

After more than four years with Microvision, today I submitted by two-week’s notice that I will be terminating my employment with them.

Microvision has been a great company to me, and I have learned a lot and developed significant skills through this opportunity.

I especially want to thank Dave Montague for recommending me for the position, and Rick James for hiring me and allowing me to extend what was supposed to be a 3-6 month internship into a veritable career during my undergraduate university career. It has also been great to work alongside Larry, Greg, Selso, Shai, Bijeesh, Aarti, and the rest of the software crew. I could not have asked for a better manager than Rick and I could not have asked for a nicer manager than Jari.

It was certainly the best job I have ever had, and I wish Microvision and all of its employees the very best. Thanks for all you have given me, and hopefully I was able to give enough back to make myself useful to you guys as well.

Microsoft Offer