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Texas Holdem

Tonight, after a work (which included a particularly useful meeting in which I came up with a new design for the symbol of Arcanius), I went to Robinswood, where frisbee didn’t happen (Jacob showed up kind of on time, Lauren was pretty later, and others didn’t show), so I went with Lauren and picked up dc (of Carrots), and went to Dan’s place for some Texas Holdem, a style of poker explained nicely in this Wikipedia article. Lauren was first out, followed a long time after by dc, and Dan then made short work with me (him having 3/4 of the chips helped, I think, but I also made more mistakes and got worse cards). Oh well, it was fun, and it was also all of our first times playing an even semi-organized poker game. After Lauren got out she kept dc and I entertained with gossip about our graduating class and a variety of jokes. It was good to see both dc and Lauren again, since it had been a while.

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  1. Shai Says:

    Sad, I wanna see Lauren again… hopefully this Saturday. Glad you had fun. I cleaned house in LA right before E3 during a friendly holdem game. ;)

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