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Theo (4:22:48 PM): hey…
Ryan (4:23:14 PM): yo
Ryan (4:23:17 PM): what’s new?
Theo (4:23:54 PM): just finished my last guard shift in Iraq


3 Responses to “Theo”

  1. Dan Moretti Says:


  2. dc Says:

    Yep looks like he’s coming home soon.

    On another note – I booted/installed with a winxp sp2 slipstreamed disc~ but thanks for the warning :D

  3. Arcanius Says:

    An email from the man:

    hey everyone – just wanted to give y’all a heads up of when I’m
    supposed to be getting in country. This is certainly not set in
    stone, but as I am about to enter “lockdown” and may not be able to
    email again, this is the best guess as of now.

    I will be leaving for Kuwait in a few days, and I will arrive at
    Sherridan Gym on Ft. Lewis at 0730 on friday.

    Talk to everyone then.

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