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Today, I went with my dad to take the truck to the shop to replace brakes and other maintenance issues.I then dropped my dad off at work. Next I went to Davis Optical, but they didn’t open until 9:30, so I went to BCC to be advised. After standing around for 10 minutes, I got some materials and settled in for a longer wait. A pretty girl started standing around too; I told her that I hadn’t had much luck and when she asked for a map of the campus, I tore the one out of the class schdule I had, since I had just noticed one in there. She thanked me, then we both ended up in advisement at the same time, albeit with different advisors. At advisement, I learned that I need to take the assessment tests again (last time was 1999) and I got information on how I might be able to get into the two other classes I want – C++ and Video Production.

After advisement, I returned to Davis Optical right as it was opening, picked up my contacts, then realized that I had finished all my plans in a much shorter time than I had imagined. So I returned home, folded clothes, had a good lunch, and got a better wireless internet setup hooked up. This time I have an extremely strong link, and from all I’ve learned about mounting, I’m pretty sure it will be fairly permanent.

Next came the TRC meeting. Not much happened there, excpet Chris actually seemed to be on top on things, just not the forums. Hester, Bob, Dan, and I threw the frisbee around until about 4 after that, then I took them all home, before returning home. Then I realized that I had lots of film to take to Costco (10 rolls!), so I did that, and looked around Costco for gift ideas. I’m still awaiting lists from my family members, and I really haven’t gotten any shopping done yet. My list is pretty much complete, I will be distributing that here soon.

I then got my mom a belated birthday present, came home and started dinner, then found out that my parents weren’t really coming home at 7:00 (why do I keep falling for that one), so I had some dinner myself, then went and helped set up for a church Christmas party. After that, I returned, had a little more dinner, then played counterstrike and generally enjoyed the revived internet connection.

Thats a wrap!

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