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On Wednesday I went to see Transformers with Courtney and Dan after finishing up some Human Subjects Training for my Capstone lab group as well as some CSE 461 Networks homework. I missed Shai in my text message advertising the event. Sorry. Anyway, we went to see it at Lincoln Square. The movie could have been pretty good, but instead it was pretty lame. It still had me hoping for about 2/3rds that it might end up pretty good, but it just didn’t fulfill. Still, it wasn’t terrible, I guess. And the company was good. 2/5.

2 Responses to “Transformers”

  1. Stickman Says:

    You didn’t invite me, either. I feel so left out. I’m gonna go emo or something!

    I’ve already seen it twice, and I think that’s enough. But invite me next time! I would have seen Ratatouille again, too!

  2. Ben Says:

    I would have rated Transformers a 3/5 – it was fun if overly done (the Autobots destroy enough things to make you doubt their word that they’re trying to save earth) and some pretty stupid elements/characters inserted that did nothing for the plot. But it was fun. It’s definitely not going to win any awards though.

    Ratatouille on the otherhand – beautiful animation! the story was…well, it is a bit weaker then Monsters Inc or Toy Story 2…and harder to believe then even Cars, but… Well it was, as you noted in an earlier post, Pixar. And that means really good quality and entertainment, least so far.

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