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Props to whoever discovers and identifies the recent changes to the ‘blog. I’m looking for two items.

7 Responses to “Tweakage”

  1. dc Says:

    Looks like you added a category heatmap.. I’m guessing the more posts a category contains, the larger the font used to display its title

  2. Daniel Marsh Says:

    In addition to the “category heatmap”, could it be that the links in the “alternatives” list now rotate? I don’t recall that one before. I know the left alignment is fairly new. As is the addition of the gallery.

  3. nordsieck Says:

    I don’t think that they rotate, I was under the impression that they are just randomly ordered. And I have noticed that for quite some time. Actually, it is a little bit annoying from a UI perspective – it would be nice if the links were in a consistant order (not necessarily alphabetic).

  4. dc Says:

    haha I actually like the fact that they get randomized – been thinking about doing that as well. I know the dotted edge on the left side has been around for awhile…

    has his posts always been displayed as arcanius / ryan?

  5. dc Says:

    As an amendment to my last comment – it feels like the way the posts are headed has changed a little – extra lines? (or has that always been there too and I just haven’t noticed it until now since I’m looking for stuff…)

  6. Ryan Says:

    There were many things mentioned that weren’t done this morning, but I am impressed at the noticing going on:
    – By “extra lines” I assume you are referring to the more spaced out text. This has been there for maybe a couple of months.
    – The posts have not always displayed as Arcanius / Ryan. In the past they have displayed as: “Ryan”, “Ryan McElroy”, “Arcanius”, “Arcanius / Ryan McElroy”, and now, “Arcanius / Ryan.” I have my reasons for the changes; not all of them make a lot of sense.
    – The left justification is newer, but not as of this morning.
    – The randomized links are on purpose, and I currently like them randomized, though Theo’s point is valid
    – The gallery is also a newer feature (as is the whole “features” heading), but not new as of this morning.

    The two things I was looking for:
    – The Heatmap (congrats dc) -and-
    – The way the archives load (instead of fulltext, an intelligent excerpt is made, breaking on paragraphs, sentences, or at the very least, words). This makes it so that, for example, clicking on a large category (ie, “Life”) doesn’t create too huge of a page. The posts are displayed this way whenever a search, monthly archive, or category is delivered.

  7. nordsieck Says:

    I see that the heatmap is now sorted based on popularity

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