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Two Down, Two to Go

I felt well-prepared for the Statistics final I took today (well, yesterday). I needed every ounce of preparation too. There is a vague possibility that I aced it, but thats only if I got lucky on the educated guesses. You see, the problems weren’t difficult because of hard-to-understand concepts, but because of vague and convoluted wording. At any rate, everyone had to muck through the same thing, and I don’t think I’ll flunk, which is geat news. Props to Alice for helping me so much with my studying.

After that test, my attentions turned towards this morning’s Bioengineering 301 final at 8:30. I have two alarms set, but feel free to call or or come by and knock on my window to make sure I’m up before then. Overall, I don’t think I’ve studied this hard for an group of classes in a long time. I think the last time was probably Fall Semester 2002 at BYU. Good times.

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