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I love my job. I didn’t make it in until 10:30 today, and it wasn’t a problem. I improved my barcode program by changing it so that the images are output directly to the browser, instead of saving it to a file and then outputting it in the browser, but this had the interesting side effect of forcing me to elimiate all the whitespace from outside of the php tags. Even one space or linefeed would cause the output image to become corrupted.

After work, I picked up Brian and we headed to Robinswood for Ultimate. A guy from the Thursday game showed up, and we had five to six on each team the whole time despite the less-than-perfect weather. It wet grass did make sliding considerably more fun. And the curse really does seem to be broken. At 9:00, my team was down 16-17, having rallied from more than 6 down after Joe showed up. Fortunately, the other team agreed to extending the game until one team was up by two, and my team scored the next three, putting us up 19-17. However, we extended one ore time, saying the winner was first to 21. The final score was 21-18, with my team prevailing (kinda).

Life is good. TRC hack session tomorrow. Shai, 1337 computer programmer extrodinair from Digipen, will attend, as well as Bob and hopefully some members of the TRC as well :-).

~Arc out

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  1. Shai Says:

    psst… your digipen link is wrong :) DigiPen
    This one will work better :)

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