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Undefeated Champions

Team 492, the Titan Robotics Club, allied with teams 1595 and 604 to go undefeated throughout Saturday’s elimination matches at the FIRST Robotics Competition’s Pacific Northwest Regional. There was one tie, when our robot mysteriously stopped working – props to our alliance for carrying the weight on that one. Nevertheless, the TRC and our alliance partners claimed the win in dominating fashion. Now we have shipped the robot off to Atlanta, Georgia for the wordwide championship event. But first, there is the small obstacle of fundraising for the $5000 entry fee to that event. So if you know anyone that is looking to get their name attached to the hottest thing from the Northwest since Microsoft went public, let them know that the Titan Robotics Club would be glad to take on their name for some sponsorship.

4 Responses to “Undefeated Champions”

  1. Bobby Moretti Says:

    Way to go! Now we just need to do the same at Nationals.

  2. Chris Vincent Says:

    Congrats, guys!

  3. nordsieck Says:

    Awesome work. Well deserved.

  4. Erik Thulin Says:

    FYI for all fans of Ryan:
    He is being quite modest not mentioning his awesome scouting program pretty much created solely by him. With out it we would not have known to pick the 2 best teams in the regional, 1595 and 604. For all of you who did not know, we got our first 2 picks, something that has never happened before.

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