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Weather in Seattle

Beautiful, sunny, cool, clear, crisp… two days ago
(Perfect day for a bike ride with Bobby)

Rainstorm followed by snowstorm, icy roads, wrecked cars… yesterday
(Interesting day to celebrate Courtney’s 24th 21st Birthday)

Beautiful, cool, sunny, with patches of snow… today
(Love it or hate it, it is amazing.)

3 Responses to “Weather in Seattle”

  1. Stickman Says:

    Speaking of wrecked cars…

  2. Ryan Says:

    Indeed! It is now appropriately linked. Any chance that the culprit will be caught?

  3. Stickman Says:

    The only way I could catch them is by snooping around auto-repair places and hoping I get lucky. So no.

    You’d think the police would have something in place. “Oh, a hit and run. We know the car is white and hit a green car and the damage should be in right front of the white car.” So they release a statement to all the auto-repair places in the area, and then investigate any leads. But no. I guess it’s just too much work.

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