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Winter Quarter 2006 Schedule, so far

   Monday       Tuesday    Wednesday   Thursday       Friday    
 9:30    CHEM 241 AD
CHB 128
HCK 144
CHB 128
 12:30  BIOL 220 A
BAG 131
BIOL 220 A
BAG 131
BIOL 220 A
BAG 131
BIOL 220 A
BAG 131
 2:30  CHEM 238 A
GUG 224
  CHEM 238 A
GUG 224
SAV 245
CHEM 238 A
GUG 224
 3:30  CHEM 241 A
KNE 130

So, things didn’t go as smootly this morning as I might have hoped… well, actually they wen’t really badly.

My alarm ended up being set for 5:45 pm, and my other alarm clock mysteriosuly didn’t go off either (although the computer was alive). This, however, was the least of my worries, as I slept badly all night and woke up at 6:00am ish anyway (among many other time throughout the night). I hadn’t gotten to sleep until about 2:00am anyway, since I was up helping some people with CSE homework despite a splitting headache that was still there when I woke up!

Anyway, so I got up and clicked the register button that I had set up… and none of the classes I had selected worked out. All required major status or something in the system was screwed or whatever…

So, after figuring all of this out I started to add classes manually, like Biology 220 and a lab to go along with it, and then Chemistry 238, and I just now decided to tack on Chemistry 241 as well, since there aren’t any other classes available at the moment. That gets me up to 12 credits. I shot off a couple of emails to try to get into a few other classes. If I get an entry code for Bioengineering 201, I will be up to 14 credits, and with Math 394 or CSE 341, I can achieve 17 or 18 credits, which I think would be just about right.

2 Responses to “Winter Quarter 2006 Schedule, so far”

  1. Ryan Says:

    So Tuesday is basically going to suck.

  2. Ryan Says:

    Ah, much better now… (for those who didn’t see the first version, the biology lab was Tuesday right after biology… ie, 7 hours of classes striaght through…)

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