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WoW now under development

Bobby and I have started development on an application we call WoW, short for “Win on Warbook,” and of course a play on the popular MMORPG. The basic idea is to help us dominate the online game Warbook, a Facebook application that Joel hooked me on a while back. It is my first attempt at coding an actual project in Python;  it is also my first time using Mercurial. After some initial glitches, both Py and Hg seem be to going smoothly.

Domination is forthcoming.

One Response to “WoW now under development”

  1. Stickman Says:

    Mmmm… Python. Fun language. I like it. Been having to use it lately when trying to get a BVH exporter working for Blender. I think I’m finally having some success.

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