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WoW progress

Progress on WoW has slowed significantly since the early days, but this morning saw a significant advancement. Logins are now supported on Facebook as well as Bebo. From the log:

type name timestamp message
init LithiumPolymer 2008-02-01 12:56:14 Hero init Player object for “LithiumPolymer”, a level 36 Automator
init LithiumPolymer 2008-02-01 12:56:14 Army init {‘pikemen’: 0, ‘soldiers’: 0, ‘total’: 7776564, ‘elites’: 7774388, ‘knights’: 2176}
init LithiumPolymer 2008-02-01 12:56:13 Land init {‘training grounds’: 0, ‘forts’: 0, ‘mines’: 733955, ‘amplifiers’: 0, ‘barriers’: 0, ‘barracks’: 0, ‘total’: 733955}
init LithiumPolymer 2008-02-01 12:56:10 Server gave session id 76453c05449b33ad5f520f257a519e82
init LithiumPolymer 2008-02-01 12:56:07 Initializing

FYI, LithiumPolymer is my main Warbook account.

This is especially nice because it will allow me to do things like this:

p = Player('LithiumPolymer'){'training grounds': 0, 'forts': 0, 'mines': 1, 'amplifiers': 0, 'barriers': 0, 'barracks': 0})

To reallocate all of my land to mines. Currently, this takes about 30 mouse clicks and about 4 minutes. It can now be done in about 10 seconds — and all of that time is server latency.

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  1. Stickman Says:

    You must construct additional pylons!

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