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From Connecticut, With Love

I am sitting in the Thompson Public Library, accessing the internet for the first time in about a week and a half. It is nice to be typing on a computer again. I didn’t really notice how much I was missing it.

I kept a paper journal of a good part of the trip so far, so I will transcribe that below. But for those that don’t want to read all of that, here is the summary:

Scott and I boarded a Greyhound bus in Seattle on Friday, June 17th. Only though much pleading and careful watching did our bikes make it all the way to Portland, Maine with us three and a half days later. We assembled our bikes between 10:00pm and midnight behind the closed bus depot, then rode to the Motel, where the real adventrue began. After working our way down Maine into New Hampshire for a couple of days and battling four flat tires, Scott hurt his knee, and we had to take it easy for a couple of days. We headed off again and passed though Massachusetts (sp?) before crossing into Connecticut today.

Now, the long version: [Denotes addition – not in original journal]
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Stayed up all night working on my 25-page paper. It is now up to 18 pages. I think I’ll make it. It looks pretty goo so far.

Fortunately, this plethora of school/work/bike trip preparations will end soon, and I will only have one thing to worry about: pedaling.

Circuits test: 79. Not great, but not the end fo the world. I guess I’m getting a B in that class. I think that’ll be my first B from BCC. Oh well, getting out just in time I guess. I graduate this August.

I still have a personal statement to write for UW Bioengineering. Before I leave, hopefully.


Concerning the recent downtime of, sorry about that. I made a mistake.

Kernel Panics

Three recent kernel panics on sf2, the server behind most of, had me concerned. I googled the problem, found that it was linked to Kernel version 2.6.10, which I was running, and so it became clear the an upgrade to Kernel 2.6.11 was in order. Being the master that I sometimes am, I performed the upgrade nearly flawlessly, and sf2 is now running with the new kernel. Let me know if you notice anything weird. Assuming that no problems are seen, I will make the new kernel permanent (and probably delete the old 2.6 kernel as well).

Circuits Midterm Redux

The circuits midterm I just finished was not as bad as everyone made it seem by staying, to a person, until the end of class. The last midterm saw people walking out halfway through the period; there was no equivalent for this one. While I too was pushed to the brink and in fact did not finish the last problem, I am convinced I could have, if only I hadn’t messed up on each of the first three problems, only to catch myself later and return to fix the error. In short, I could have aced it, but I didn’t because of the dumb little things. I’m disappointed, because I don’t get bitten this way too often, but it is still better than I probably would have done, had I not had a gestalt about second order differential equations after lunch today. So overall, I am pleased. We shall see how I feel on Monday, when the test is returned.

Last Few Daze (Days)

Not so hot in the reading or exercise, or sleeping parts, or in the CS part. Bah.


Mega-uber-super-rut this weekend.

Resolutions? Not worth talking about.

Starting to come out fo the funk now, though, I think.