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In the Wake of Katrina

The Hurricane known as Katrina exposed the weaknesses of a city below sea level as well as the weaknesses of a society largely free of a moral compass. Just as the flooding, though horrific, was inevitable, without morality, a good society without a good economy seems to be an impossibility. I recall clearly a night at BYU in the basement of Deseret Towers’ W Hall having to stare down those who would have wantonly stolen from a distressed vending machine until the repairman arrived. In New Orleans, it is worse, with gangs looting everything from basic supplies to flat-screen TVs. The destruction is agonizing even if inevitable, and the desolation of civilization is distressing, though perhaps it should have been expected. With government assistance already fueling so much dependency, should anyone really expect a response other than “when is the help coming?”

In Minnesota

I have an ealy appointment tomorrow, so this is all tonight.


Four weeks ago, I landed hard on the inside part of my heel on my right foot after jumping in an attempt to catch a Frisbee (I missed it). Afterwards, my foot hurt, and got me to limping for the rest of the day. Indeed, much of the next week it continued to bother me, although I was still able to play because I could run o the ball of my right foot and it wouldn’t hurt. Two weeks later, I was becoming concerned, so I decided to see my doctor about it. An X-ray later, he said that the bones were fine – I was the proud owner of a deep bruise.

All I’ve got to say is that the bruise is really, really deep. Now four weeks later, my foot is still sore, and my mobility is still limited. I can run, but not well, and my max speed is maybe 85% of what it should be. It is my acceleration was hit the hardest. While the doctor said that playing on it shouldn’t make it last any longer, I don’t know if I should trust that assessment, considering every time I run around on it, it hurts a lot. On the other hand, sitting around is hardly an attractive option.

Cops Still Piss Me Off

A major road on the way to my house was blocked off by a few police officers. I rolled my window down and slowed down – with nobody behind me – to ask what was going on. I’m a concerned citizen, I figure I should be privy to the information. The cop continued to wave me on without acknowledging me. So I asked again, with the car almost stopped. He looked away, refusing to acknowledge me, and waved me on more insistently. Who the heck does he think he is? I pay his salary. I am a good citizen. I don’t steal, I don’t hurt people, I clean up after myself, I vote, I support the troops… and the guy won’t even acknowledge that I exist. Another complete jack off, just like all cops, everywhere, that I’ve met. If they want my respect, they have to earn it, and they continue to do a piss-poor job at that.

Wedding Lawn Party

My mom sure knows how to put on a party. Yesterday evening, we were treated to live music, truly wonderful food, and great punch – all in a beautiful landscaped back yard ringed with burning tiki torches. It was quite a site to behold, and much fun indeed. Nevertheless, it is nice for the wedding celebrations to finally be over – now we can start thinking about the rest of our lives once again.

Business Trip

When I returned from my brother’s wedding in Utah, a curious email was waiting for me. Its subject was simply “Business Trip?”

The long and short of it is that I’m headed to Minneapolis on Tuesday night, with my airfare, hotel, car, and food all paid for by Microvision. I can see, kinda, how a trip might be annoying if you have a family and all, but with no dependents of my own, I find the idea pretty appealing. I could get used to touring the world on someone else’s dime, even if I would be working while there.

Of course, maybe I should wait until it actually happens before I make up my mind about it.


Recently, both Dan and Bob insisted that it would behoove me to watch some episodes of Firefly – a one-season Sci-Fi wundershow that got canceled by Fox because no one watched it because no one knew about it. Having seen four episodes with the brothers Moretti on DVD, I think I have to agree with them. The show is (was?) good, on par with the best that Star Trek: The Next Generation had to offer. The stories are well-developed, the shows are fun, the characters are affable, the effects are wonderful, and the universe is believable even though the the idea of a Sci-Fi western “Space Opera” – in the fullest sense of each of those words – seems strange. Truly, Firefly was a masterpiece of television that never saw its potential fulfilled. And if the active fan club (brimming in anticipation of th release imminent release of the motion picture “Serenity,” based on the series) is any indication, Firefly might – just might – have grown to the vast proportions of popularity that Star Trek enjoyed.