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NTFS Undelete

A little program that does exactly what it says, does it perfectly, and does it with a remarkably well-designed user interface.


Sunshine is a movie.

Sunshine is an Epic Sci-Fi Thriller.

I spent a while coming up with that genre.

4.5/5 — A


No asterisk.

Blue Angels at Seafair 2007

Because of the great success from last year, Kunlun, a roommate of his, and I hit up Coleman Park just south of I-90 to watch the Blue Angels. Most everyone else was lame and wanted to play frisbee or study or work, but we still had a good time: the roommate and Kunlun brought a grill and meat, I brought the buns and condiments, and we had some good hamburgers while watching the show.

Honestly, the show seemed a little toned down this year — Kunlun suggested that maybe this is because the Angels lost one of their own a few months ago? At any rate, the sky opened up to the sun just in time and it was hard to beat the view. Of course, having the jets roaring overhead always makes for a worthwhile activity.

Bourne Ultimatum

I went to see The Bourne Ultimatum at Lincoln Square with Amy tonight. It was good to see Amy doing well, and it was also a pretty good movie. It felt longer than it really was — they did a good job of packing a lot of material, and a lot of action, into the film. I’m give it a 3.5/5, only because there was nothing extraordinary about the movie — just a well-done action flick.

Mariners win in 12

Dan invited me to attend the Mariner’s game with him and his dad today. Felix Hernandez was pitching against a division rival, so it seemed like a good bet. Jay was kind enough to buy the ticket for me — a very generous offering, since the tickets were very well situated only twenty rows back along the first base line.

I decided to bike to the game to avoid parking — I took Roosevelt across the bridge then followed Eastlake and kind of winged it after that, heading generally south and west until I made it to Safeco Field. I arrived a few minutes late, but I didn’t miss anything — The M’s picked it up soon after I arrived, however, with a three run second inning. The game continued to go well, with the only scare coming from Hernandez and Brousard colliding on a choper down the first base line. It went fine, that is, until the top of the ninth when the normally solid J.J. Putz showed some cracks and gave up three runs to tie the game at 7 a piece.

The next few innings were gut-wrenching, not only because we all knew that the M’s really should have already won the game, but also because there were many Angel base runners in those innings, including several cases of loaded base-itis. In the end, however, the Mariners got the bases loaded themselves with just one out, forcing the Angel infielders to creep in, making Betancourt’s game-winning single in the bottom of the 12th all-the-more likely.

So, it was a great relief, and a greatly entertaining game. I rode back the same way I came, winging it until I got back to Fairview, which I followed to Eastlake then back acorss the bridge (which was up) before making it back to the U-district. Not a bad way to end the day.