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It is with a heavy heart that I write to tell you that I have withdrawn from your CSE 431 class. I enjoyed the lectures and learning the material, but I felt stretched too thin this quarter, and this class unfortunately was the casualty. I feel that withdrawing now was the best choice so I can focus on my two capstone projects. Thanks for your understanding.


This is my first ever withdrawal from any class, ever, after the first week of classes. It wasn’t an easy decision but I think it was the right one.

Microsoft Offer


VisionUW Campaign Starts

Among everything else, I decided (or was roped into, depending on your perspective) being the campaign manager for my Bioengineering friend Jason Padvorac. Together, we arrived at the name “VisionUW” to describe what he is hoping to accomplish with his run.

A little sneak peak at the branding we came up with:

your vote + our passion = visionuw

Blessed Sleep

Four hours two nights ago followed by about one hour from 9:30-10:30 today really wasn’t enough; fortunately I had some reserves stored up from earlier in the week. On the other hand, I did finish the homework due today as well as made my first useful contribution on the robotics capstone project, which is a good feeling.

Tonight I’ll be getting a full night’s sleep in preparation for an interview at Microsoft in about 9 hours.

New Design Slowly Shaping

Its pretty ugly right now, but I needed to change something.

Post # 1000

Four and a half years, four servers, three jobs, two schools, and one small sampling of a life.

Today, Checksum Arcanius celebrates its 1,000th post.

Death and Taxes

Well, at lease one of those is done for 2008