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2009 Resolutions

I wrote down most of these while traveling with my family down to Eugene, but I felt I had to get the 2008 Redux out of the way first. So here are my 2009 resolutions:

  • Complete a marathon
  • Complete an Olympic-length Triathlon
  • Get a better time on a Sprint Triathlon
  • Complete Seattle To Portland bike ride in One Day
  • Visit Australia and Peru
  • Work out (1+ hour) at least once a week
  • Get my Motorcycle certification endorsement
  • Complete my Masters degree with a grade at least as high as my Bachelors degrees
  • Eat slower, smaller portions
  • Eat only until I’m full
  • Curb over-snacking tendencies

One Response to “2009 Resolutions”

  1. susan hatch Says:

    Hey you! Incredible goals you set for yourself. Why does that not surprise nor have I any doubts but that you will surpass them all? I am waiting to see all the snow pix you promised a week or more ago. I keep hearing Seattle got snow…..but I like the real pix…not the newsreels. Love you.

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