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A Full Day


5:00am — Woke up after restless sleep. Fifteen minutes before the alarm. No idea why.
6:07am — Left for work after breakfast.
6:30am — Arrived at work, claiming the very best parking spot all to myself.
10:00am — Hour-and-a-half all-hands meeting led by company president.
11:50am — Meeting ends.
12:00pm — Ultimate frisbee with Emulex crew on frozen outfield grass.
1:08pm — Return to work, reclaiming best parking spot!
1:10pm — One hour meeting discussing test results begins.
3:30pm — Meeting ends. (!!!)
3:38pm — Shower, dress.
3:45pm — Left work for an interview with the AirFire team.
4:30pm — Arive at AirFire lab, begin interview.
5:00pm — Leave AirFire, try to find someone willing to go to company party with me.
5:20pm — Maria agrees to go, but she’s Eastside.
6:00pm — Pick Maria up.
6:45pm — Arrive Teatno Zazanni.
6:50pm — Bribe a coworker with four drink coupons to sit at a better seat.
7:00pm — The show begins! The food and entertainment is wonderful!
10:00pm — The show is over. I am satiated. Maria has a long day tomorrow, so we head back.
10:30pm — Drop Maria off.
10:45pm — Arrive home, very tired, with headache (from lack of hydration after frisbee!)
11:45pm — After drifting off on the couch several times, manage to get myself to bed.


3 Responses to “A Full Day”

  1. Adam Hays Says:

    At least you didn’t have to kill anyone…

  2. Ryan Says:

    Um, yeah… O.o

  3. Ben McElroy Says:

    Sounds like a fun day! Those dehydration headaches are a killer though…

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