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A Tale of Two Games

I recently attended two Seattle Mariners baseball games at Safeco field. On Sunday, Jonathan invited me along with some tickets he got from his boss to watch the Mariners play the Texas Rangers. It was a beautiful day and a fun game. The Mariners won on prolific offense. I took lots of pictures and consumed much bad-for-me food. I had a great time.

Last night, I went to a game against the Twins with Christine. The weather was cold; it began to rain during the game. It was night so pictures didn’t work out so well. I didn’t have a jacket. I wasn’t comfortable for most of the game. The M’s lost badly. I felt a little sick from some food I ate right before the game. Basically, everything sucked, and I didn’t have a very good time.

The end.

2 Responses to “A Tale of Two Games”

  1. Daniel Marsh Says:

    Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy yourself. I went tonight with my father to see the game (primarily to see Hernandez pitch).It was really cold tonight, but the weather was good. We got really good tickets right behind home place so that we could really see the pitcher work the mound and watch the balls break. Hernandez didn’t even last through the first inning. He was throwing awkwardly and you could tell that something was wrong. Eventually, he signaled the dugout and had them take him out. I heard afterwards that his elbow was tight or something. Woods replaced him pitching with virtually no time to warm up and didn’t do so well his first inning out. He and the successive M’s pitchers did well and didn’t allow any more runs to score, but the damage was done. The game ended with a bad go ahead running decision from the third base coach that had the runner out at the plate by about 10 feet :(

    Tomorrow Santana is going to be pitching for the Twins. I saw him pitch in MN the last time I was there and he is definitely someone to watch. There are a lot of people that think he is the best pitcher in baseball.

  2. Daniel Marsh Says:

    Twins swept the M’s! Thankfully, being from MN originally and Seattle currently, this series had been a no-lose proposition for me.

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