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Accepted Part II

I have added you to 370. I’m a little concerned that you may be overloaded this quarter, so just try to evaluate your coursework during the first week to determine whether or not it will be too difficult.

I’m happy, but apparently Crystal isn’t. I don’t know what the problem might be — it is only 15 credits, after all. I responded…

Crystal —

Thanks for your concern, but I am curious as to why exactly you are concerned. Currently, I’m signed up for just 15 credits, which is fewer than I took last quarter. Is it because every class I have has a lab/quiz? Or is there another reason that I’m missing? Please let me know the reason for your concern, so I can better understand what I might be getting myself into here.



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  1. dc Says:

    Happy New Years~

    15 Credits at the upper echelon sciences start to become killer. Your schedule looks pretty crazy @_@ Good luck with that.

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