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An item unlost is like free stuff that you already once had

Today, I was trying to put away my mother’s glasses, which she had left on the dashboard of her Highlander, which I was driving for a family trip to my sister’s place in Seattle. I opened up the sunglass compartment – and voila – my sunglasses, which I had relegated to the “lost or broken” pile that all my sunglasses seem to quickly migrate to, reappeared. This was no common joy; this was overjoy, as it was bright and sunny, and these are by far the most superior sunglasses that have ever graced my posession. They went to good use on that born-again maiden voyage.

Then, upon returning home, my newish Lexar Jumpdrive appeared out of the drying machine – having already withstood the torment of the washer as well – and it looks and works none the worse for the wear. How about that! Finally, this morning, I drove by the Shell station, and what to my wondering eyes did appear, but my work basge which had extricated itself from me on Friday while I stopped by the same station. It had once been lost, but now was found.

One Response to “An item unlost is like free stuff that you already once had”

  1. Bernie Zimmermann Says:

    Now just pretend that you’re out looking for that “winning lottery ticket” you misplaced a few weeks back ;)

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