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Back to the Grindstone

It seems odd, perhaps, that duing my spring break every post was about school. But considering what the next two years look like or me, perhaps it is appropriate. Basically, the 2008 graduation plan has me, with a few exceptions, taking 16 credits every quarter that generally consist of two Bioengineering classes and two CSE classes. It should be intense to say the least.

2 Responses to “Back to the Grindstone”

  1. dc Says:

    just think of 2 years as 6 quarters – makes it more manageable. Still sounds tough, however — you have my sympathy.

  2. Ben McElroy Says:

    Just make sure you have enough breaks between quarters.Nothing chews you up faster then going through school year round with hardly any break. BTW, Kaylee got a response from the UW – but no offers of Scholarships/Fellowships/ or stipends…so we’ll probably go elsewhere for graduate school.

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