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Bike Back

Today while some laundry was running, I headed down to Recycled Cycles to pick up my bike which had been repaired there while I was in Toronto. The repairs came in a few dollars under the estimate, at $263. For a machine I use and trust my life to every day, that seems like a bargain to me. I got my old rear wheel and tire back, so the ride back home wasn’t as great as I imagined it might be, so when I got back after a wonderful dinner with my parents, I went out for a ride around Greenlake. Seems like I will have to raise the seat a bit, but the brakes work great, the rear derailleur has never worked better, and the rear tire has traction again. All good things, even though stopping with the rear wheel for the first time nearly sent me tumbling since the deceleration was so muich higher than what I was used to with the threadbare tire I had on before. I guess this makes me almost ready to go back to school. All I need to get fixed now is my brain!

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